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A step-by-step guide for using the Smart Disc

Step #1: Charge

Charge Smart Disc via the Micro-USB port. Smart Disc features a rechargeable Li-Po battery that averages a little over an hour while actively using the GPS module.

Step #2: Power On

Once on the disc golf course, power on Smart Disc by opening the rubber door and flipping the power switch to the "On" position. Wait 30 seconds to allow for GPS signal acquisition.

Step #3: Play

Before throwing Smart Disc, press the pushbutton once. The green LED should light up, indicating that the GPS coordinates are being recorded. Throw the disc and repeat. Be sure to press the pushbutton once after landing the disc in the basket.

Step #4: Import

Import Smart Disc performance data off the included SD memory card to a computer using a USB port (with SD adapter) or a dedicated SD card reader. Navigate to the Import Game page at SmartDisc.org, select the file and tap the "Import" button.

Step #5: View

View your performance for the newly imported game. Tap the hole buttons to pan to the associated tee-pad and update the associated hole statistics found below the map.


Fall 2013 University of Michigan-Dearborn Senior Design Project

Salvador Holguin

Primary Roles: Arduino Programming, Circuit Assembly

Cory Woolf

Primary Roles: CAD Design, Concept Development, Material Acquisition, Web-App Development